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Article: A winter skincare routine that will make your friends GREEN with envy!

La Skin Care “Verde” Perfetta Per l'Inverno

A winter skincare routine that will make your friends GREEN with envy!

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<p>When the cold sets in, treat your skin to products by Olivella®</p>
<p>The temperatures are dropping, there’s a familiar chill in the air, and warm sandy beaches are slowly becoming a distant memory. The colors are changing – red and yellow leaves, orange fires in the hearth, blankets of white snow, and… GREEN?!</p>
<p>That’s right, green. When the cold air sets in and begins to dry out your skin, turn to Olivella®, a line of moisturizers and soaps made from 100% virgin olive oil from the Umbria region of Italy. This all-natural ingredient lends the products their distinctive green color, and the innate hydrating and anti-aging properties that olives possess are unparalleled.</p>
<p>For centuries, virgin olive oil has been Italy’s best-kept beauty secret, used to cleanse and condition all skin types. Virgin olive oil is packed with antioxidants and polyphenols, which leave skin nourished, healthy, and capable of fighting off harsh free radicals in the environment that can damage skin and lead to signs of aging. While Olivella® is great for all skin types, it works especially well on the dry, damaged skin that many people experience in cold weather conditions.</p>
<p>For maximum moisturization during the chilly fall and winter months, cleanse with<span> </span><a href="" title="Olivella Bar Soaps">Olivella® Face and Body Bar Soap</a><span> </span>(available in lightly-scented or fragrance-free formulations) or<span> </span><a href="" title="Olivella Liquid Soaps">Olivella® Face and Body Liquid Soap</a>; both the bar and liquid soaps work into a rich, decadent lather to moisturize as they cleanse the skin. After your shower, apply<span> </span><a href="" title="Olivella Moisturizer Oil">Olivella® Moisturizer Oil</a>, a unique moisturizing oil, to the face, neck, or body while skin is still damp for deep moisturization.</p>
<p>Apply 10-15 minutes before bedtime to allow oil to absorb into the skin, then reap its benefits while you sleep. Use<span> </span><a href="" title="Olivella Hand Cream">Olivella® Hand Cream</a><span> </span>and<span> </span><a href="" title="Olivella Body Cream">Olivella® Body Cream</a><span> </span>day or night to rejuvenate and hydrate skin.</p>
<p>Those who have yet to discover Olivella® will be green with envy!</p>

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