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Face Care

Our Exclusive Face Care line is sourced from 100% Virgin Olive Oil combined with nutrients such as vitamins and minerals which are full of anti-aging properties. From the anti-wrinkle cream to the contour eye cream, each of our face care products is based on naturally derived ingredients. Olive oil provides the nourishment and hydration your skin needs and will leave your skin looking and feeling youthful. The olive oil facial cream's benefits are endless in protecting your skin from the damaging actions of free radicals and reversing the oxidative process.
No Make-up Today - Olivella EuropeNo Make-up Today - Olivella Europe
No Make-up Today Sale price€39,99
Olivella Hydra Moisture Gel Cream - Olivella EuropeOlivella Hydra Moisture Gel Cream - Olivella Europe
Olivella Anti-wrinkle Cream - Olivella EuropeOlivella Anti-wrinkle Cream - Olivella Europe
Sold outOlivella Contour Eye Cream - Olivella EuropeOlivella Contour Eye Cream - Olivella Europe
Olivella Nourishment Cream - Olivella EuropeOlivella Nourishment Cream - Olivella Europe
Crema Viso Nutrimento Sale price€29,99
Sold outOlivella Hyaluronic Face Serum - Olivella EuropeOlivella Hyaluronic Face Serum - Olivella Europe
Olivella Moisturizer Oil - Olivella EuropeOlivella Moisturizer Oil - Olivella Europe
Sold outOlivella Face & Body Cleansing Tissues - Olivella EuropeOlivella Face & Body Cleansing Tissues - Olivella Europe